Indian Chatroom

Indian Chat Room

Searching for a decent place to chat ? Join our free Pakistani chat rooms sponsored by Chatmatez to chat with your pakistani and indian friends all around the world.

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Chatmatez: A chat room for everyone

You have been trolling around hundreds of chat rooms on web, but have you ever thought if such chat rooms are even safe?
Or do you know about online chat rooms that are stealing your personal information and selling it to marketers that keep spamming you?
Whenever you talk about online chat rooms, you need to make yourself aware of some aspects.
These are just the three basic ones. Just dig in deep and you will see a lot many.
But where at all will you find all of the aspects that make an online chat room right for you?
This isn’t just a platform of a sort that will help you make some friends or chat with random people by using it anonymously. It is a lot more.
It understands the fact that you are bored, and you need to cheer up. It makes sure that you feel like home at Chatmatez. Above all, it never lets you go away as chatting with people here is just as fun as anything else.

Chatmatez has one aim as an online chatting platform- to offer you the best and most secure chatting services ever. For this reason, we have made some arrangements at our end and there are some precautions that you need to take at your end as well.
We Keep Your Personal Information Private: Chatmatez has a very honorable reputation for keeping the privacy of its users. We assure you that we will not track, record or sell your private information to any 3rd party in any case. Even if something of such sort is involved, you can just opt out of it as the power of decision lies with you. You can always forbid us to share your info.
However, if we are approached by some government agency, we will be liable to share your information in that case.
We don’t ask for any payments or credit card details: As we have already mentioned, Chatmatez is a completely free platform that doesn’t need to be paid for any kind of services. Chatting and accessing various groups is completely free and there aren’t any privileges within Chatmatez. There isn’t any sort of membership, premium or other whatsoever and we won’t ask you even a penny.
This is the prime reason why you shouldn’t let out your financial details to anyone in any case.
We keep your contact information private: Chatmatez has access to your email and phone number that you use for login purposes. We at Chatmatez will make it sure that this information is entrusted and is not leaked in any possible circumstance. We won’t let out what you share with us such as your email and phone number. We also won’t spam your emails with silly offers that might make you irritated. We believe in complete privacy and the right to be what you want to be.


Chatmatez is just as concerned about your security as anyone in your family might be. It isn’t just a chat room where you can talk to random people. We actually make a family within us and we know how to protect this family in all cases. We just recommend you a few points regarding your interaction with people at Chatmatez. These will come in quite handy in terms of your security.

Meeting people you’ve met online isn’t recommended. If someone asks you on the chat room to meet them in person somewhere, just refuse. Remember, Chatmatez won’t be responsible for your activities outside the chat room. Therefore, it is recommended that you don’t meet anyone in person. They can anyone such as predators, stalkers, and others who want to do you harm. In the end, simply say no to meeting outside the chat room.

Never meet in a private location. Even if you are too much carried away by the feel of meeting someone from Chatmatez offline, we suggest that you don’t meet them in a private place such as a flat or home. You should go for public places and meet them there so that you stay in the eyes of many people to avoid the meeting from going wrong. Always go to the places that you know to keep yourself safe.
Call the police if someone is stalking you out of limits. It isn’t a common thing at Chatmatez to stalk fellows in the chat room, but we can’t guarantee what happens in your meetups outside the chat room. So, if you feel that for one reason or the other, someone you have met on the chat room is stalking you or suspiciously following you in your real life, you need to report to the Chatmatez administration so that we can immediately remove him or her from the group. Also, you can just call the police in your area and report the person there too for your and everyone’s safety.
Don’t let anyone ask personal questions. If someone is asking you personal questions such as what do you look like or the whereabouts of your residence, you should be on guard from that person. Although it is fairly normal to ask so, but you should be considerate in not giving your personal information to every Tom and Harry. Be suspicious when it is right.


People are more interested in chatting with people they don’t know without giving out their identities. This is why they prefer guest chatting without registration. Chatmatez also offers such features that allows you to just see and look around how our platform is. You aren’t compelled to register here as we offer guest chatting services too without registration. You just need to click once to start chatting and that too for free!
Just choose the user name that you wish and then chat with anyone for as long as you wish. The best part is that we also offer you private guest chat rooms for free and that too without any sort of registration. This can be really handy if you wish to chat with anyone online in a group for a particular reason for a short time. It can be a planning for the birthday of a friend or some office discussion. Chatmatez is offering, do anything you wish!


In my view, avatars are the best part in the conversation and this is the reason why Chatmatez has the most colorful and interesting avatars to offer to its users. It isn’t just sharing images and videos now to try and impress people. You can just upload a nice-looking profile picture and a wonderful avatar and it’s all done! Just one click on the avatar and you are off to start chatting!

The main issue many chat rooms have is the responsiveness they have to offer especially when they are used on various devices such as iPhone, an android or a tablet. They all look just great on desktop but when the user wishes to open them on other devices, they just aren’t as good.
It isn’t the case with Chatmatez at least.
This is a very responsive chat room and you will see once you login as a user or guest account that there are a lot of colors and other stuff of graphic appeal in it. You can just manage your friend lists too easily while you enjoy the yourself with the statuses and the chat going on in the main newsfeed.


There is no limit to the number of people that can be on Chatmatez or the number of people that anyone can make a chat room with. There aren’t any restrictions for people from any cast, country, color or religion. Chatmatez is a free and totally accessible chat room for everyone.
If you wish to meet and interact with strangers or with people that share the same interests as you, Chatmatez is the place to be. You can talk to anyone from all over the globe or with someone who is in the same country as you. It all depends on what you want.
Name it and Chatmatez will offer you!


Chatting is fun, right?
But is it still fun if there isn’t any option to send videos or images to each other in private messaging or to share stuff on each other’s social profiles?
No it isn’t. This is the reason that we allow such features for our regular as well as guest users. With one click, you can just set your chatting profile up and you can use all of this online chat service by Chatmatez for free! So, start sharing your pictures and videos at Chatmatez and enjoying your leisure time!


Chatmatez just offers you the most a chat room can offer you. It isn’t a well-funded social platform such as Facebook, but still you get as many features that enable you to interact with your friends in a better way. You can make a wall for yourself where you can post about your happenings each day. You can even get as much friends to post on your wall and make it look nice.
Not only this, you can also post on your friends’ wall to tell them what you feel about them or to share a common memory. You can like and react to the posts being done and can see how people are liking and reacting to the posts you have done.


I don’t know if I had listened to any better radio than this one at Chatmatez. There is always something going on it and it is just a delight to listen. There is a huge collection with the RJ and the songs are just too good. Not only this but you can also ask the RJ to play a song of your choice by posting in the chat stream going on in the chat room. You can even dedicate a song to someone you wish and make your moments special.
But are you thinking that RJ looks to be a very powerful character?
If you think so, you can apply for RJ and be one too!
The job is just fun, and you will get maximum social exposure as you wish. You can just play the songs as you wish, or you can just talk to the users to make them feel connected.


Just keep one thing in mind; to be an RJ, you should have deep interest in music and should know about the songs that are famous. If you are so, Chatmatez is the place for you to shine and show your talent to the world as an RJ.
Your main job is to just keep the audience engaged and make them stay. For this you need to play the songs they wish to hear or just indulge with them in random chat.
To be so, you need to have excellent communication skills and also should know how to interact with people from various walks of life. You should understand the fact that it is extremely necessary as the interests of our users matter the most for us at Chatmatez.
You might be worried as the audience in web chat rooms isn’t thought of to be very sophisticated or gentle in nature. However, we can assure you that you won’t have any issues with the users we have here as everyone is very supporting and cool. They will not only attend to your shows but will also appraise you which will go a long way in building your confidence. The best part is, you don’t need to worry about the timings and place of work. You can just stay in your place no matter where you are and can spend your leisure time by interacting with people of quality.


Yes, Chatmatez offers you the chance to login as guests and enjoy chatting with strangers online. The ultimate goal behind our website is to provide you with a free platform that helps you make new friends, meet new people and indulge in social activities online.
This is the reason Chatmatez offers the best chat services on the globe. You can login as a stranger too and can talk to as many people for as long as you wish. Also, you have the choice to choose a profile picture and avatar for you even when in guest mode.


This is something that can work really great for you if you are someone who has to deal a lot of people online in groups. This can be a general discussion or some business work. Whatever it is, you can create and join a private guest chat room for yourself with just a click and no registration process. Chatmatez allows you to add as many participants, listen to the official radio of the chat room and even ask the RJ to play songs for you. You can continue with your work or discussion as you desire for you as long as you want. This gives you a complete authority over your chat history even as when you all leave, the data of the chat and the details of the people that attended it will be automatically deleted. Chatmatez holds your privacy as supreme and unquestionable.


The world in interconnected a lot and I can see the dearth of a platform for people of Pakistan where they can interact. Chatmatez is actually a Pakistani chat room that aims at connecting people from all across Pakistan and make them a community on one platform to enjoy alongside your companions, relatives or your friends and family.
While many may think that it is just another chat room aimed to provide a platform where anyone can do anything, we make sure that at Chatmatez, no one is targeted or thought low of in any case. We have moderators that keep a look on how everyone is interacting in the public spheres to discourage any kind of spam or abuse. If someone bothers you in private messages, you can just contact us with proofs and we will see how he or she can be dealt.
And if at all you want to get connected with people outside the globe, believe me there are no restrictions. You can track and hunt down any one from any where who can be your friend and share your sentiments and ideas. This will be a great chance to make friends from all across the globe.


Yes, it is an absolutely free chat room and we intend to keep it free forever. You won’t be charged even a penny for it ever.
However, you may see some Ads or some flyers time and again, but we ensure you that it won’t be an issue in your chatting experience. We aren’t affiliated with any third party for generating revenue or spamming your mails in any case. We truly believe that your comfort is of much more importance than our plans of earning revenue. This is why Chatmatez will always take into consideration your advice regarding this.


Yes, Chatmatez is a private chat room that respects your privacy and gives you just the kind of atmosphere you wish to have. Chatmatez and the administration at Chatmatez has no kind of control or access to any of the social activities you are performing.
It depends on you what you want to share and with whom. You can post anything, anywhere and anytime and can enjoy the best socializing experience at Chatmatez. You can even form your own private chat rooms and can access them at your will. Such chat rooms can be used whenever you wish for business or friendly discussions.


There is no way Chatmatez differentiates between users. You must have seen chat rooms that are especially made for singles and those who wish to interact in a way of dating. You would also have seen chat rooms that are made for teens so that they can interact with each other.
This isn’t the case with Chatmatez. As already mentioned, it is a chat room that is meant to provide the best services in terms of chatting and a rememberable social experience to everyone without differentiation.
This is the sole reason why we have made Chatmatez as a family chat room where everyone can come, register or enter as guest for the sake of privacy, see what is going on, enjoy the music on the go, message in groups or privately to people you share interests with and even with those that aren’t of the same country as you.


The administrators and moderators at Chatmatez are at your service 24/7. You can contact them in case of any help required in logging in, any assistance or information required about the chat rooms itself or to help you design the chatting experience for yourself as per your desire. We at Chatmatez have moderators too who keep an eye on public connections to see if anyone is being abused or not. If yes, we make sure that the culprit is kicked out of the chat room after investigation. You can also contact us for any kind of assistance by out contact pages or by sending a message to the chat moderator who is active at that time.

We sincerely wish that the time you spend at Chatmatez turns out to be the best for you and you keep visiting this online chat room in future too. You can contact us anytime as Chatmatez will always be at your service.